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Business Coaching

"It takes guidance to feed the dream."

My way of business coaching is characterized by authenticity, connection and involvement. I help you integrate and put into practice your vision, strategy and implementation. I know the tension between long-term goals and the day to day business and can guide you in this. I see communication and policy as a driver of connection and progress.

My personal coaching style extends beyond the business side of the story. It is my passion to be a catalyst for progress in all aspects of your life, no matter what stage the company is in right now.

What steps are we going to take?


What do we stand for?

What standards, values and beliefs were there or has the company adopted from its predecessors to date? In short; what is the company's DNA and does it match its current core values?


Making responsible and sharp choices

A vision comes from within the organization. The concepts of “profit” or “money” never appear in a vision.  With a vision you indicate direction. Without vision, your product or service is the same as that of others, you do not distinguish yourself. A clear and strong vision cannot be copied. A vision guides all the choices you make as an organization.


What message do you want to communicate?

Spreading a message does not mean that it will be automatically received, and receiving it does not mean that the message is accepted. Clear internal communication is the connecting link and ensures that the message has meaning, which is acted upon. This creates a circle that reinforces itself.


Unleash the full potential

Based on these steps, responsible and sharp choices can be made and a strategy can be set up that shows how we make the (future) vision concrete and achieve the formulated objectives. 

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